The Perfect Mid-Morning Snack

Well it has finally happened. After 44 years on this planet and at least 29 of those years working, I have figured out the perfect mid-morning snack for work. It’s a “grab and eat” kind of snack. It is super healthy. A whole food with a mild sweetness, perfect for the middle of the morning. Best of all, it will satisfy your cravings and prevent you from stuffing junk food, from the breakroom, in your cakehole (A.K.A. – mouth).

What is it?

Why, it’s the wonderful sweet potato, of course!


I happen to hold a regular day job away from the house, for now. I am a registered veterinary technician looking after the health of pets and I work in an incredibly busy hospital. Finding time for a break can be near impossible so my snack has to be quick.

I keep finding myself starving by mid-morning and doing everything I can to hold on till lunch or give in to the junk in the breakroom. Last week I decided to cook up some sweet potatoes to take with me instead and let me tell you something… It made all the difference in the world.It helped me to not becoming “hangry” with my co-workers and I felt good because I didn’t resort to the junk food. It was a win-win!

Most of us are used to eating sweet potatoes warm, hot out of the oven, or out of the fryer (if you eat sweet potato fries) but this snack gives you the new opportunity to eat them cold and I think you will enjoy this option. I prefer sweet potatoes cold at this point. I enjoy the texture and they seem to taste sweeter to me!


  • Cook them up the day before your work week begins.
  • You could add some maple syrup if you would like it sweeter but try it without first.
  • I prefer smaller sized sweet potatoes. I get a bag of organic at Trader Joe’s and look for one that has many smaller sized potatoes vs. fewer large ones.
  • I wrap mine in foil for a couple of reasons.
    • They drip when they cook but if wrapped up it stays within the foil (usually).
    • I keep the sweet potato in the foil until I eat it – so the foil serves as the “take to work” packaging too.

You can make as many or as little as you would like. To be honest… I also eat these on the way home at the end of the day sometimes. Shh!

Roasted Sweet Potato Snack

Yield: 1 potato per snack

Time: 10 minute prep/40 minute cook


  • sweet potatoes
  • coconut oil – or oil of your choice

Preheat the oven to 400˚F.

Scrub the skin of the sweet potatoes and cut off or out any brown spots. Dry off with a towel.


Rub some oil all over the skin of the potato – enough to nicely coat.

Wrap in foil and place directly on the middle rack in the oven. Set a timer for 40 minutes and check.



You will want some squishiness to the potato – not mush but it should give or yield well to your squeeze. If they still feel hard then set the timer for ten more minutes and check again.

When desired results achieved, remove to a rack to cool and then store in the refrigerator until it’s time to go to work.


That’s it. Simple, simple stuff here and a healthy, lasting mid-morning snack to help you make it to lunch time in a good mood. Enjoy!

P.S. This is also a great hiking snack – only you may want to put it in a hard-sided container in order to not end up with mush in your backpack. Happy trails!

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Mid-Morning Snack

  1. Excited for a snack that’s convenient & healthy! Lately I’ve been hungry by 10:30 and struggle to make it to lunch time, so this is perfect. I’m wondering how long they keep in the fridge for?


    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for the question. I felt the same way around 10:30 until I came up with this snack. I usually cook enough on a Sunday night to last the entire work week. So 5-7 days would be my limit.


  2. Didn’t know that Al had surgery. What was the problem and was it related to a vegetarian diet?

    Have you tried incorporating peanut butter and old fashioned rolled oats into your snack?


    1. Ha! Ha! You make me laugh, Mel. No, the hand problem is NOT due to a vegetarian diet. It is a genetic condition.

      Here is what Al has said about it: “Dupuytren’s contracture and it’s a hand deformity that usually develops over years. The condition affects a layer of tissue that lies under the skin of your palm. Knots of tissue form under the skin — eventually creating a thick cord that can pull one or more fingers into a bent position. The affected fingers can’t be straightened completely, which can complicate everyday activities such as placing your hands in your pockets, putting on gloves, shaking hands, and some YOGA positions are impossible. It mainly affects the ring finger and pinky”.

      While rolled oats and peanut butter work great for Al, I have a problem with digestion of oats due to the high phytic acid content – even with soaking. Peanuts are great too but they lower my headache threshold and I tend to get more headaches, so I limit my peanut intake.

      In life, everyone is different and different foods work for different folks. I pay close attention to how the foods I eat “work” with my body and oats and peanut butter are used sparingly.


  3. HI Karen,

    That is my favorite snack! I do the same as you with a layer of parchment paper between the potato and the foil. Aluminum has been said to cause Alzheimer’s and I saw someone else do this and thought it was perfect! xoxo



    1. Thank you so much for the additional suggestion. I knew there was something about the aluminum but “let it go” for the convenience of the foil. Now I have the best of both worlds. Thank you! It is such a great snack. I’m about to cook a bunch more for my lunch and for Al to eat while he is recovering from his surgery. Cheers!


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