Living An Inspired Life


Hello friends and supporters of Karen’s Inspired Life! Long time no talk to really. I am still  on planet earth. Valley Center, California to be exact.

I’m sorry I have been incognito. I’ve been working on things both internally and externally  since I got “home” from traveling at the end of September, 2015.

I have been undecided as to where I want to go with this blog. I do feel absolutely sure that I would like to finish up my blog posts from Vietnam, Bali and Fiji. Though I feel that somethings will be lost, since these trips are not fresh in my mind, I am committed to sharing these amazing destinations and the experiences that came from visiting them.

You may have noticed that I shifted my focus to food for the last few posts. That is because food is also a passion of mine.  In May I came to the decision that my passion for food deserved it’s own space and so I started a  blog called Cooking For Al that is specifically for food. I hope you visit and enjoy my recipes there.

I like the idea of the name Karen’s Inspired Life but I don’t think I have embraced the core of that title in this blog, so far. It started out as a travel blog and then I added the food but there has not been much in the way of inspiring in the sense that I think of it.

Living an inspired life, to me, has always meant that I am living my passions out loud. I’m putting myself out to the Universe and saying, “O.K. Give it to me. What’s next? Let’s do this thing called life”.

I am, at heart, a seeker, a visionary, and an ideas person. I plot towards my future. I seldom look back but often think about what the next step is. Since I have been back in San Diego it has become clear to me that it no longer feels like home here. I’ve known for some years now that I no longer want to work in the veterinary field. There are many reasons for this but let’s just say that my vibrations no longer match up to that type of work. With that said, I have put a lot of energy, meditation, thought and focus on visualizing a future that I want to live into.

Here is the list of possibilities that light me up:

  • I would like to move up north. Where there is weather, water and seasons. Anywhere from Northern California to Montana will do. I will even consider the mountains of Colorado.
  • I am decidedly NOT a city girl. I need some land to grow food, commune with nature and enjoy the peaceful serenity of it all.
  • I’m noticing myself going inward more as I get older and would like the space to focus on my meditation, spirituality and principles of Buddhism. This, I am happy to say, is easy to do now with Deer Park Monastery close to my home.
  • I very much enjoy cooking lovely clean, healthy, and nourishing foods and must incorporate this in my life. It is essential. Cooking For Al has been an extreme pleasure to work on and move that passion forward.
  • Moving forward with some of my ideas – most of which benefit the environment in some way. However, I find that I am rather a reluctant entrepreneur when it comes to actual implementation.
  • Creatively explore: photography, plant terrariums, knitting and learning to draw and paint.
  • Possible paths that excite me:
    • Being a private cook again on a private country estate.
    • Living in a place that can be a combination of things:
      • gardening and growing my own food.
      • providing farm and breakfast accommodations
      • a tea house
      • a plant-based cafe
      • a retreat to nature to nourish peoples souls
    • Finding a way to include my love of travel.

So this is where I am choosing to focus my attention and energy lately. I have created boards on Pinterest and I cut out photos in magazines to support my visions. I have been working on and creating new recipes. I have been in contact with a design engineer for one of my ideas. I am basically driving my actions towards supporting my interests.

While I have been mostly quiet since returning home, I can assure you that I have been working diligently on living my inspired life. Perhaps this post is an opening for me to allow myself to be vulnerable enough with you to share the process.

I read a great book recently, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She said some amazing things that have helped kick my butt into action and encourage me to trust the process of moving towards my interests and seeing what develops from it.

I find that it is in the moments between the great adventures where the magic really happens. It’s the struggle, the facing of demons, the willingness to take deep and hard look at the patterns that have stopped me, the embracing of new healthier ways of being, the learning to be loving, kind and generous to myself in the process. This is what makes space for the journey of an inspired life.

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