Welcome to Fotralov!


  • Fo – for food. I love eating, thinking and creating food. The “Fo” part is where I share my plant-based recipes.
  • Tra- for Travel is where you can find post related to all the awesome places in our world I have been fortunate to travel to.
  • Lov- for Love, is for whatever else pleases me. “Lov” includes my inspiration, hopes, dreams and desires for this journey on planet Earth.

You may notice that I have times when I write about travel but then when I get home, I write about food. Anywhere along the way I take the opportunity to write about the love.

Who am I? Here is a little back story:

I am a registered veterinary technician. I have over twenty years experience helping animals live healthy lives.


I am a wilderness leader for the Sierra Club. I help to teach a backpacking course and give lectures on Leave No Trace wilderness ethics and backcountry cooking. I love getting out in nature and enjoying her graces.



A few years ago, I fell in love with my best friend, Al, after sixteen years of friendship. It’s been my best adventure in life.




Basically, I am a veterinary technician during the week, by night I am a whole foods cooks, on weekends I am a hiker and backpacker and whenever possible I am a world traveler. I find inspiration in the small wonders of life. In my spare time I write about these passions.


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– Karen


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