Dukkah-Crusted Tofu

dukkah, tofu

I have had many jobs in my lifetime. Mainly, I have been a veterinary technician but one of the coolest manifestations of my career life has been that of the property caretaker. A property caretaker is someone who lives on someone else's property doing a variety of tasks in exchange for rent, utilities and at … Continue reading Dukkah-Crusted Tofu

Chia Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate. What can I say? Is there anything more perfectly scrumptious to put into our mouths? I think not. I must have chocolate daily. It's not an option. I always eat some chocolate after a meal and now I have Al on this kick too. I feel incomplete without it. Granted it usually is only … Continue reading Chia Chocolate Pudding

Peppery Cashew Broccoli Soup

Here is a post to give you something to look forward to as your work week begins. Al LOVES Broccoli! He even likes to eat it raw with hummus as a snack. I am not such a fan of broccoli and you will NEVER find me eating it raw. I like it cooked and I … Continue reading Peppery Cashew Broccoli Soup

The BEST Vegan Taco meat EVER!

I know. I know. That is a pretty hefty title and you may be thinking that it's a little over the top but… you would be wrong. Sorry. Having eaten a mostly plant-based diet for most of my adult years, I can tell you that I have tasted many different meat substitutes and most have … Continue reading The BEST Vegan Taco meat EVER!

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Pasta

Oh, the unassuming spaghetti squash. What ever did we do with you before we found out what a great pasta alternative you are? I haven't a clue but I do know exactly what to do with you now! It took some time though. I haven't always loved this squash. It has tasted rather bland to … Continue reading Roasted Spaghetti Squash Pasta

Imperfection and Indian Rice

So here is the deal... I haven’t posted since October and that is pretty lame. I know. But I’m going to let that go and I hope you will too. The truth is that I am a recovering perfectionist and I have five posts started as drafts and several other posts sitting in my head … Continue reading Imperfection and Indian Rice