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Dukkah-Crusted Tofu:

dukkah, tofu

I have had many jobs in my lifetime. I started out as a babysitter, like a lot of us. As a teenager I  cooked pizza for companies like Domino’s and Little Caesar”s. After high school I finagled my way into the veterinary world and have spent most of my adult life nursing furry creatures. I …CONTINUE READING

Backpacker’s Fortified Ramen:


There is something missing in our backpacking food. Something very important too! No, it’s not great taste. What’s missing is NUTRITION ! Have you noticed this too?  The base is either white rice or refined noodles with some kind of sauce thrown in for flavor. Occasionally there will be a few peas or corn but to be …CONTINUE READING

Millet Tabbouleh:


Tabbouleh is just one of those fresh herby salads that begs to be made this time of the year. It has been HOT outside and we are bound and determined to NOT turn on our air conditioning. So “cooking” something is not a good option. Cue the summer cold grain salad. Tabbouleh is a powerful and …CONTINUE READING

Chickpea Polenta with Mushrooms, Kale and Cashew Sauce:

Chickpea Polenta

This post actually started many years ago when I first tried a recipe for Chickpea Fritters from the fabulous Clean Food cookbook by Terry Walters.The fritters are made from chickpea flour and flavored with carrots, onions and rosemary and full of flavor. When fried they get toasty and crisp on the outside while staying light and airy …CONTINUE READING

Chia Chocolate Pudding:


Chocolate. What can I say? Is there anything more perfectly scrumptious to put into our mouths? I think not. I must have chocolate daily. It’s not an option. I always eat some chocolate after a meal and now I have Al on this kick too. I feel incomplete without it. Granted it usually is only …CONTINUE READING

Hiker’s Hemp Balls:


These tasty treats have gone through a plethora of names. Naming my recipes seems to be one of the hardest things about food blogging for me. I like catchy names like my Easy Peasy Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips. Isn’t that fun? I’m just not sure if it’s helping me reach my audience though. I know that the …CONTINUE READING

Al’s Overnight Oats – Home and Trail Versions:

IMG_4727 - Version 2

The difference between breakfast and dinner is rather interesting. It seems like when dinner comes around, I’m  looking for variety. I want to mix things up because I get bored with the same thing over and over again. But not breakfast. Breakfast is a staple and in my house, I eat the same thing for breakfast …CONTINUE READING

The Perfect Mid-Morning Snack:


Well it has finally happened. After 44 years on this planet and at least 29 of those years working, I have figured out the perfect mid-morning snack for work. It’s a “grab and eat” kind of snack. It is super healthy. A whole food with a mild sweetness, perfect for the middle of the morning …CONTINUE READING

Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette:


The other night Al and I had our friend Peter over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. It had been a busy day so I decided to make an easy, healthy dinner of spaghetti squash pasta and a salad. Shortly before our guest arrived, I checked in the refrigerator for a suitable dressing only to find a …CONTINUE READING

Peppery Cashew Broccoli Soup:


Here is a post to give you something to look forward to as your work week begins. Al LOVES Broccoli! He even likes to eat it raw with hummus as a snack. I am not such a fan of broccoli and you will NEVER find me eating it raw. I like it cooked and I …CONTINUE READING

The BEST Vegan Taco meat EVER:


I know. I know. That is a pretty hefty title and you may be thinking that it’s a little over the top but… you would be wrong. Sorry. Having eaten a mostly plant-based diet for most of my adult years, I can tell you that I have tasted many different meat substitutes and most have …CONTINUE READING

Roasted Spaghetti Squash Pasta:


Oh, the unassuming spaghetti squash. What ever did we do with you before we found out what a great pasta alternative you are? I haven’t a clue but I do know exactly what to do with you now! It took some time though. I haven’t always loved this squash. It has tasted rather bland to …CONTINUE READING

Easy Peasy Nacho Cheesy Kale Chips:


What can I say, I’m crazy for kale chips. They are the perfect healthy and crunchy snack food. Made with simple, real, whole-food ingredients that not only pack a flavor bunch but a nutrition bunch too – a double hitter! You won’t believe that such amazingly wonderful nacho cheese flavor can be created from wholesome …CONTINUE READING

Imperfection and Indian Rice:


So here is the deal… I haven’t posted since October and that is pretty lame. I know. But I’m going to let that go and I hope you will too. The truth is that I am a recovering perfectionist and I have five posts started as drafts and several other posts sitting in my head…CONTINUE READING

Kitchen Love and Inspiration:


There is something that you may not know about me if you only know me through this blog. I LOVE to cook. Dicing, chopping and slicing are like an active meditation for me. I enjoy the colors of vegetables, aromas pouring from a skillet and the science of baking. I love finding a recipe and changing …CONTINUE READING